What is Baton Twirling?

Baton Twirling is exciting!

It is an intricate sport that requires timing, coordination and concentration.
Routines for competitive baton twirling are designed for athletes of beginner through elite stages of development, experience and ability. Individual competitive events utilize one, two, or three batons to music while competitive group events are performed with members twirling together with precision and unison.

This 45 minute baton twirling class aim to provide the opportunity of a welcoming and safe environment for participants of all ages to discover and develop basic skills in the unique sport of baton twirling.


Tuesday Nights - 5:00pm to 5:45pm at the CCA Building!

Participants will learn a variety of fundamental twirling skills including rolls, contact material and aerials (tosses) while developing hand-eye and body coordination. Skills can be changed in difficulty to suit the individual's abilities. The emphasis of the baton twirling program is for participants to meet others, become physically active and most importantly, have FUN! 

Loaner batons will be provided for outdoor class participants.

​For more information, please contact us!