Household Waste:

You can bring any item you would be able to put in your black bin to the clean-up, including larger items, such as furniture, that may not fit in your carts. Large loads appearing to be industrial or home renovations will be turned away


The City of Calgary has created a residential recycling and disposal search tool to help with identifying what material and wastes goes where. To use the tool, visit this website:







Yard waste (Excluding sod)


Electronics Recycling (TechnoTrash): 

Computers & accessories, laptops and tablets


Phones and cell phones

Wires, cables, Christmas lights

Audio visual equipment: electronic games, electronic toys, guitars, keyboards, video game equipment and cartridges,

Small CLEAN household appliances (fans, hair dryers, heaters, irons, microwaves, toasters, vacuums (empty only), etc.), and other small electronics



Scrap Metals Recycling (Navajo Metals):


Steel & Cast Iron

Household scrap & metal

Light Steel & Tin

Appliances, structural beams, pipes

Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Auto parts & rims, plumbing copper

Brass, Lead, Tungston

Brass Fittings, ornaments, auto batteries, drill bits


All items must be clean of dipropionate amounts of dirt, rubber, wood, plastics, glass, and other non-metallic substances. Medical, lead, mercury, chemical containing scrap, electronics with printed circuit boards, asbestos and light fixtures with ballasts are not allowed in the metal recycle bin.



What we CANNOT accept:


Motor oil

Propane tanks


Windows or large glass items





Propane or

helium tanks

Large Home appliances

Aerosol cans

Biomedical waste

Fire extinguishers


Fluorescent bulbs


Automotive, cleaning

and garden chemicals

Sorry, we cannot accept large appliances (no ovens, no fridges, no washers, no clothes dryers).

If your item(s) cannot be accepted, you must take them back with you. 

There is no space to dump your unwanted, unaccepted item(s).



Please dispose of your hazardous goods and blue bin recyclables at the nearest depots below:

Hazardous Materials: Spyhill Landfill 11808 - 69 Street NW

Recycling Depot: Crowfoot Recycling Depot - 90 Crowfoot Way


To make this opportunity available to the community we require lots of volunteers.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer with this great community event or if you have questions on what can be accepted/not accepted with the Community Clean Up.