Citadel Community Garden Guidelines/Rules and Gardener Agreement

The Citadel Community Carden is overseen and managed by a Steering Committee of interested Citadel Resident volunteers. The Steering Committee (Citadel Community Garden Committee (CCGC) is under the auspices of the Citadel Community Association.

Rules and Guidelines are designed to facilitate a safe and tidy community garden; a pleasant environment in which to work and a pleasant view for gardeners, neighbours and the general public to look upon.

Garden Guidelines and Rules

  1. Any person(s) wanting to rent a garden bed of the Citadel Community Garden, must have a current Citadel Community Association (CCA) membership and reside in the community of Citadel.
  2. Each household can rent one garden bed for the current growing season. If there are unrented beds available after 1st June, they may be offered as a second rental for one season to existing garden members.
  3. All gardeners are required to sign this gardener agreement and complete an application form at the beginning of the gardening year and are required to have a Citadel Community Association membership. A garden bed fee of $25 is to be paid within two weeks after notification of being awarded a bed.  Fees are nonrefundable.
  4. Special access plots are plots that are reserved for those with mobility challenges, special needs, or seniors.
  5. All gardeners are required to sign up for 5 volunteer hours per season to maintain common areas and 1 Work Day for end of season cleanup. Garden volunteer hours can include, but are not limited to: Helping maintain community and pollinator garden beds; helping maintain fellow gardener’s garden beds when they are not able to themselves; help keep common areas maintained and tidy; help with maintaining the shrub bed and the fruit trees; etc. Gardeners will record all hours worked and tasks done in the Garden Logbook in the shed.
  6. Garden meetings and work parties are scheduled throughout the season. Garden members are encouraged to attend and get to know fellow gardeners and help with garden upkeep.
  7. Plots must be planted by June 1st (weather permitting) or the plot and payment will be forfeited. Plots must be tidied and readied for winter by October 31st.
  8. Gardeners may use only the plot assigned to them by the CCA Community Garden Steering Committee.
  9. Gardeners may plant vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Gardeners may not maintain plantings or plant-supporting structures that impede adjacent gardener’s access to sunlight. Plant all tall plants and vines in places where they will not interfere with your neighbour’s plot.
  10. All gardeners will keep their plot well-maintained throughout the growing season. This includes keeping it weeded and trimming any plants that extend into neighbouring plots or communal areas.
  11. An assigned plot cannot be passed onto somebody else. The Garden Committee will take over a plot if the gardener no longer wishes to participate in the garden.
  12. No pesticides/herbicides allowed – organic methods of control are the only ones allowed.
  13. Pick up litter when you see it.
  14. Put weeds and dead plants into the compost bins provided. Any diseased plants or seedy or invasive weeds are to be bagged and put into the trash so as not to contaminate the gardens.
  15. Do not apply or pick anything from another person’s plot without their approval.
  16. Do not leave the water unattended. When finished gardening for the day, please roll up the hose at the faucet, return tools to the shed and lock the shed before leaving the garden. Lock the gate behind you if you are the last person to leave the garden.
  17. Gardeners may not abandon their plots. Abandonment means failing to maintain a plot for three weeks. If a gardener expects to be away from the garden for more than three weeks, they must inform the Garden Committee and an alternative will be determined. Gardeners who abandon their plots will lose their plot with no refund.
  18. Gardeners may not install any signage in, on or about the garden other than a small personal sign to identify the gardener’s plot. Plant labels are allowed.
  19. Pets, drugs, smoking and chewing tobacco, alcohol, radios, boom boxes and fires are not allowed. If you have a service animal, please let the Garden Committee know.
  20. Gardeners are allowed to bring guests and children into the garden as long as the guests are supervised, abide by the rules, and do not disturb any other gardeners or harvest produce.
  21. For safety purposes please garden in daylight hours only and keep a cell phone with you for use in case of emergencies.
  22. Report theft, vandalism, and unusual activities to the Garden Committee.
  23. Use common courtesy, be considerate of your gardening neighbours and enjoy the garden.


CCA Community Garden Registration

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED for 2024 Season - ALL Beds have ben rented. 

If you would like to be added to the waiting list - Please complete the Registration form below.

Applications will be assessed on a first come first served basis. By submititng this applcation - it does not mean that you have secured a garden bed. You will be contacted by the CCA Garden committee confirming the application and with further details (such as payment details).

NOTE: ALL fields are Required.

Gardener Personal Contact Information

CCA Membership

You are required to be an Active member in order to Rent a Garden Bed. If you are NOT yet CCA Member - you can join ($30 p/a Family or $15 p/a for Seniors) by following the link below?
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Garden Bed Details

Garden bed Rentals fees are $25 per year (Growing season is from May to October).


Do you agree to complete 5 hours volunteer hours to maintain common areas; rain garden; pollinator gardens and fruit and shrub beds, as well as tasks within the community garden area so as to help maintain materials and assets?
Do you consent to appear in photographs representing the Citadel Community Gardens in social media? If you do not consent, please let photographers know when you encounter them in the garden
I agree that I have read and understand the Citadel Community Garden Guidelines and Garden Rules and plan to abide by all of the garden rules. I understand that neither the garden group nor the Citadel Community Association are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold harmless the garden group and the Citadel Community Association for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by me or my guests.