About the Citadel Community Association


Citadel Community Association's Mission Statement
"To enhance the community pride and spirit through provision of programs and services that meet the needs of the residents of Citadel."

Our Vision Statement
The people of Citadel feel a sense of community spirit & pride because:

  1. They live in a clean, friendly & safe community
  2. They participate in programs and services
  3. They work together for the benefit of Citadel

What is a Community Association?

The Citadel Community association reviews about 10 development permits through each year and addresses ~5 major resident community / city issues per year. The annual events the Association organizes include a Stampede Breakfast to about 1500 people, provides a FREE Winter Gala (sometimes at 20 below freezing; a tough lot these Citadelians), and Kids / Tots Summer Programs (volunteer and weather permitting). Every year we have a well organized group of "Ice People" to flood and maintain the ice on our full size outdoor Hockey Rink and our Free-Skate Rink. We even give free lessons to other communities' "Ice People".

And Much Much More!

To learn about Association bylaws, please click here.