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Citadel community association

Strategic Plan for the Citadel Community Association (2019-2022)


Table of Contents

Summary. 4

Vision and MISSION.. 5

The Vision of the CCA. 5

The Mission of the CCA. 5

Community Need. 5

Outcome of Community Centre. 5

Strategic Objectives. 7

Objective 1: Complete the Building. 7

Building completion Plan. 7

Objective 2: Operate a Self-Sustaining Building. 7

Revenue. 7

Proposed Rental charges. 8

Fees/Damage Deposits/Penalties: (separate payments) 8

Operational Costs. 8

Objective 3: Initiate and run New Social Programs. 9

Programs. 9

Objective 4: Initiate and run New Annual Events. 10

Events. 10

Objective 5: Initiate and run new Sports Programs. 11

Objective 6: Increase Membership to enable new Programs. 12

Key strategic considerations to increase memberships: 12

Addendum A: Uses of the Community Centre. 13

Events. 13

Community Association Business. 13

Rink support. 13

Addendum B: Community Centre Fixed assets. 14

Basic BUILDING Specification. 14

Equipment and moveable assets. 14

Addendum C: Building Governance. 17

Considerations. 17

Responsibilities. 17

Policies and Procedures. 18

Policies. 18

Procedures. 18

Risks. 18

Addendum D: Party Seating and Space Utilization.. 19

Citadel Community Association Building Space. 19

Recommended Utilization. 19

Seating Planner. 19



The Citadel Community Association (CCA) is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers from the community who are committed to representing the people of the community and who want to create a community with a strong social involvement and community pride. The CCA is also dedicated to creating opportunities for people to get together and be actively involved in their community.

The CCA mainly achieves this vision through regular annual community events and through the availability of facilities that are maintained by the CCA – specifically an outdoor ice rink and tennis courts – located on City of Calgary land for which the CCA has a lease.

The CCA is constructed a community building to help deliver services and programs to the community. This is in alignment with the goals and vision of the CCA to offer new programs to the community. This is also in alignment with the results of a residents needs survey conducted within the Citadel community.

The building and amenities are an exciting way to engage and unite the community in the accomplishment of common goals and the building will become the hub of the Citadel community.



Vision and MISSION

The Vision of the CCA

“The people of Citadel feel a sense of community spirit and pride because they live in a clean, friendly and safe community; they participate in programs and services; they work together for the benefit of Citadel.” 

The Mission of the CCA

“To enhance community pride and spirit through provision of programs and services that meet the need of the residents of Citadel”.

Community Need

The CCA has been successful in this vision as it has for many years brought people together with its annual events and programs. The long-time vision of the CCA was to construct a community building to act as a social hub and provide more programs, events and services to the residents of Citadel. The vision and mission of the CCA are confirmed to be supported by the community through multiple needs assessment surveys. The Community building is now a reality, and the current board has a vision of a self-sustainable building that can help the CCA achieve the goals and objectives as laid out in this Strategic Plan. 

Outcome of Community Centre

The outcome of the Community Centre is a building that complements the neighborhood and is large enough to accommodate equipment and have a space for meetings and events. 

The CCA community building provides the following recognized benefits:



Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: Complete the Building   

Building completion Plan

The CCA was awarded a CFEP grant which consists of 50% (matching funding) of this budget

The CCA was awarded a matching funded (505) Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant, with the matching portion being accumulated by the CCA from casino fund-raising events over the course of several years.  This has enabled the CCA to commence with the construction of the new Community Centre. However, our casino matching portion is insufficient to maximize the grant fund revenue.

The CCA intends to pursue the following methods of fundraising for the finishing of the building and to raise funds for the daily operation of the building.

Objective 2: Operate a Self-Sustaining Building


Potential Annual Revenue Generated from Community Building

The primary source of funds for the ongoing operations will be the revenue gained from the rental of the facility by community and non-community users.  In addition to these funds, ongoing fund-raising events will be planned, and grants will be sought to increase the revenue.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5








Ad-Hoc Rentals (Personal Events, Fitness, Sports)






Annual Revenue Total







The intention is that the Citadel Community Association Board of Directors will oversee and manage the operation of the community building.  The Board will set up a policy for operations/rentals, ensure the financial stability of the facility and develop and manage bookings/rentals of the facility. 

Budgeted Expenditure (operational, maintenance)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Services (Electricity, Gas, Water, Refuse Removal, Sewer)






Ad Hoc / General Maintenance












Salary (Part Time Manager / Housekeeper)


















Annual Expenditure Total






The annual operational costs can be reduced by making use of energy saving systems and by encouraging the community to volunteer skills and time for maintenance and repairs.

Objective 3: Initiate and run New Social Programs


The CCA has a vision of providing opportunities for people to meet at the community building through the delivery of multi-cultural programs for residents of all age groups.  In conjunction with using the building for specific programs, the following interest groups will be considered:

Based on multiple needs assessment surveys conducted in the Community – The following table lists the Community Needs for Social Programs in order of priority (per demographic).




Fitness Classes and Events


Moms & Tots Meetup


Arts & Crafts Classes


Summer childrens Programs (Stay and Play / Park and Play)




Jellybean Dance


Fitness Classes




Special event Mobile Skate in rink


Community garden workshops (Where your food comes from).


Education Workshops- (How to Sessions)




Dance Classes


Fitness Classes


Girl power


Art Classes


Teen Community garden workshops (Where your food comes from)


Coalition/workshops/resume writing/job search/career planning


Youth adopt a granny (Interacting teens and youth)


Education Workshops- How to sessions.




Arts & Cultural and crafts Classes


Fitness Classes


Dance Social Classes and Events


Games night


Dance Lessons


Community Garden


Social Meeting


Adult Education Workshops- how to sessions




Fitness Classes


Arts & Cultural, crafts classes and Events


Dance Parties/classes instruction


Social meeting place/ cards/ games etc.


Youth/Seniors integrated programs


New programs must be introduced sequentially to meet the needs of all the above demographics before introducing new programs and events to demographic that already have a running program (i.e. Introduce 1 event per demographic for all before initiating a second event for another demographic).

Objective 4: Initiate and run New Annual Events


Objective 5: Initiate and run new Sports Programs


Based on multiple needs assessment surveys conducted in the Community – The following table lists the Community Needs for Social Programs in order of priority (per demographic).








Martial Arts














Pickle Ball




Martial Arts








Martial Arts






Pickle Ball




Pilates/ Tai Ch






Tai Chi


The CCA will introduce these Sports programs and will institute the following immediately:


Objective 6: Increase Membership to enable new Programs


The board membership goal is to increase the current numbers in the first year through a door-to-door membership drive in order to set a realistic membership baseline and then to grow the memberships by 20% year-on-year in subsequent years.

Key strategic considerations to increase memberships:


Objective 7: Maintain the CCA Assets


Addendum A: Uses of the Community Centre


The CCA events typically include the need to store and prepare food and beverages. Therefore, there is a need for the facility to include a basic kitchen and provide basic food preparation and warming capability.

The CCA events also make use of stationary and general supplies for games and activities. Adequate storage capabilities / lockers must be available to store this equipment in the building.

Community Association Business

The community association will maintain its records in the office space of the building. The building provides a location to bring all the community business to a central point for the planning and communication of events and programs and to organize and maintain records in an orderly manner.

The following are the CCA Board Requirements:

Rink support

The ice hockey and family skating rinks are an important, well used service of the CCA.  Flooding and maintenance of the rinks are currently facilitated from a temporary shed and a flooding hydrant location next to the rink.  The building will include consideration for:

Addendum B: Community Centre Fixed assets


The design of a multi-use facility is an attractive part of the community.  The CCA would also like to incorporate functional improvements around the grounds of the building that can be leveraged and integrated into events and programs in addition to the capabilities enabled by the building.

The design took into consideration long term goals of the CCA to upgrade the outdoor rink such that the building layout in relation to the rink is optimal, thus the area where the ice rink maintenance equipment is stored will be adjacent to the ice rink with easy access onto the rink.  An upgrade to the rink is required to replace the aging board system and deteriorating asphalt surface. 

Basic BUILDING Specification


Building Address:

870 Citadel Drive NW, Calgary Alberta T3G 4B8

Location / Layout:

The building is located between the existing Ice Rink and Tennis Courts. The layout is such to optimize maintenance of the Ice Rink.


 The building consists of the following facilities / amenities:

Equipment and moveable assets

The following equipment and moveable assets are required to successfully operate a self-sustainable building.


Multipurpose Room

Meeting Room



Garage/Workshop/Storage Room




Addendum C: Building Governance


The operation of a building is not a trivial matter, so it is important for the board to understand the level of commitment required to maintain and operate the building in addition to the added responsibility of planning and managing programs to make effective use of the investment.

The CCA board will endeavour to make sure that the building is self-sustainable.

 Considerations include:

The details of these roles identified are:


Policies and procedures will identify roles that are responsible for operation of the facility and effective delivery of programs.

Policies and Procedures


The building committee will draft policies that will have to be developed to effectively operate the building in a safe and secure and manageable way.


The building committee will draft procedures that will have to be followed to effective operate the building, including:


The building committee will keep a risk register that will be drafted during the operation for consideration by the board in the design review for consideration.  Risks include:




Addendum D: Party Seating and Space Utilization

Citadel Community Association Building Space



Square Feet

Main Hall

25 X 36 = 875

Meeting Room

19 X 14 = 266

  Total (Main Hall + Meeting Room)

    875 + 266 = 1141


20 X 25 = 500


56 X 9 = 505


Recommended Utilization

Cocktail parties ( guests standing up)

5 to 6 sq. ft per person

Reception, tea type (some seated)

8 sq. ft. per person

Dinner, using oblong tables

8 sq. ft. per person

Dinner, using round tables of 6, 8 and 12

12 sq. ft. per person

Cathedral seating (rows)

6 sq. ft. per person


Seating Planner

Seating Capacity for Tables

Table Size

Number of People

72 inch Round (6’)

Seats 10 – 12 Adults

60 inch Round (5’)

Seats 8 – 10 Adults

48 inch Round (4’)

Seats 6 – 8 Adults

36 inch Round (3’)

Seats 3 – 5 Adults

8 feet x 30 inch Rectangle/Banquet

Seats 8 – 10 Adults

6 feet x 30 inch Rectangle/Banquet

Seats 6 – 8 Adults

6 feet 30 inch Rectangle/Banquet

Seats 8 – 10 Children

Party Seating

Table Size

Square Feet per Person

Stand Up Cocktail

5 – 6 Square Feet per Person

Cocktail Partial Seating

8 Square Feet per Person

Buffet Dinner – Partial Seating

8 Square Feet per Person

Sit-Down Dinner

Table Size

Square Feet per Person

5’ Round Tables of Eight

12 Square Feet per Person

5’ Round Tables of Ten

10 Square Feet per Person

8’ Banquet Tables of Eight

10 Square Feet per Person

8’ Banquet Tables of Ten

8 Square Feet per Person

General Layout


Square Feet

Cathedral Seating – Rows

5 – 6 Square Feet per Person

Dance Area

2 Square Feet per Person

Disc Jockey

50 Square Feet per DJ Table

Band Area

10 Square Feet per Person


20 Square Feet


30 Square Feet

Grand Piano

100 Square Feet

Bar Area

100 Square Feet

Head Table of Four

100 Square Feet



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