Wine Survivor Details

Sign up as an individual, and once all registrations are in, we will group people

in teams of five.  If you have formed a group of five, please indicate another

team member's name on the registration form. Complete your registration

online or fill out the form below and submit with your fee on or by 

APRIL 11, 2021Your $25 registration fee includes the purchase of a bottle

of wine and supporting funds to the Citadel Community Association’s fundraising

goal to upgrade our facilities.  Don’t forget to purchase your immunities, up to

two per person @ $5 each! 


You may email Karen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange

drop off of payment and registration.


Every day between April 19 and April 24, names will be randomly drawn at the

CCA Building (Times to be announced).  The number of people eliminated

each day will be calculated based on the final number of participants registered. 

All wines will be curated by Wine & Beyond (Sage Hill), which will ensure the

winners will receive a diverse selection of wines.


wine-and-beyond-logo | Emerald Hills Centre

Wine Survivor FAQ


Q:        How many people will be eliminated each day?

A:          Draws will take place every weekday between April 5 and April 11. 

The number of people eliminated each day will be calculated once the final number

of participants has been determined.  Whatever the number is, it will be the same

every day, except for the final elimination day.


Q:         How will I know if I have been eliminated?

A:          Each team will assign a captain.  Team captains will be notified daily of the

eliminated names, and are responsible for passing that information along to their

team members.  Daily updates will be posted on the CCA website.


Q:         How much wine will my team win?

A:          The amount of wine your team wins depends on how many people are

playing – the more players, the more wine there will be to win! 

First Place – 50%         Second Place – 30%                     Third Place – 20 %


Q:         Is there a way to increase my chances of winning?

A:          Yes!  You can either purchase immunities at $5 each (maximum two

per player, non-transferable), or join more than one team.  For every team you

join, you must pay the $25.  There is no limit on number of entries.


Q:         I have wine at home.  Can I use this with my registration fee?

A:          No.  We will be buying all of the wine to ensure all bottles are roughly of the same value.


Q:         Is there any other way to win?

A:          Yes, there is, and it all depends on your team name.  Five bottles of wine will

be set aside for the team that has the best name.  A list of team names only will be

presented to the CCA Board for voting on the best name.


Didn’t find the answer to your question?   Email Karen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.