Citadel Easter Carnival 2015

Thank you to everyone that turned out on Saturday morning to make the inaugural Citadel Easter Carnival a great success. This event has been added to our annual calendar of events.

Children and adults enjoyed a host of fun and games and a delicious pancake breakfast. The results and winner of the competitions can be found below.


A big thank you to Dave McFarland - Principle of St. Brigid school. The facilities made hosting the Easter Carnival easy.

We would also like to call out a big thank you to the volunteers that spent their Saturday morning setting up, tearing down, making pancakes and running events tables. Without your dedication, this event would not have been possible.


Congratulations to Jevin Sutherland who won the coloring contest. Jevin won an Easter Basket of goodies.

Congratulations to Avery Davidson who won the Jelly Bean Guess competition.  There were 688 Beans in the Jar.  Along with the jelly beans, Avery also received a children's movie pass package.


Congratulations to Marilyn Nash - the winner of the Adult Easter Quiz - with a score of 9 out of 10. Marilyn received an Adult Movie night out package. 

1 Easter is the celebration of:
Ο    The resurrection of Christ
Ο    The crucifixion of Christ
Ο    Last
2 The word "Easter" comes from:  
Ο   The white Esturian Flower that blooms this time of year
Ο    "Ostara", the Anglo Saxon goddess of fertility
Ο    The word "East", referring to the rising sun and to spring
3 Lent, the period that precedes Easter, begins on what day?  
Ο    Shrove Tuesday
Ο    Palm Sunday
Ο    Ash Wednesday
4 The egg is a symbol of  
Ο    Rebirth
Ο    Mourning
Ο    Fertility
5 The Easter Rabbit was first introduced to North America following  
Ο    The American Revolution
Ο    the Civil War
Ο    the Boston Tea Party
6 When did the rabbit first appear as an Easter symbol?  
Ο    In 16th century Germany
Ο    When St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland
Ο    When the 18th century rabbit population in England reached dangerous proportions
7 Where did Easter Island get its name?  
Ο    The Island's shape was said to resemble an Easter bunny
Ο    The name of the island in the native language sounded like the word "Easter"
Ο    European first landed on the Island on Easter Day
8 Where does the custom of Easter baskets originate?  
Ο    From the baskets farmers would use to collect their crops
Ο    From the ancient Greek myth of Cornucopia, the horn of plenty
Ο    From the Catholic custom of bringing Easter dinner food to mass to be blessed.
9. Palm Sunday, one week before Easter, celebrates  
Ο    The edict in 325 AD by the council of Nice that Easter fall on a Sunday
Ο    The commemoration of the Last Supper
Ο    The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
10 Where can you find the world's largest decorated Easter egg?  
Ο    Romania
Ο    Ukraine
Ο    Canada