Good Turnout for AGM

The Citadel Community Associationʼs Annual General Meeting was held on November 26, 2013 at the Citadel Park School. There was a good turnout, and the questions posed by the residents in attendance were enlightening as it showed where there were areas of improvement for our community. 

Suzanne Thomasson presented the Presidentʼs report and spoke about some of the yearʼs highlights:

• ATB Crowfoot new active sponsor this year, supplying us with door prizes and volunteers at some of our events.
• Some level of community building was identified as a strong need and want at last yearʼs AGM. I am proud to say that we are now well underway in the planning stages for our new community building. It will be a simple structure located between the tennis courts and ice rink.
• We met with the City to review our life cycle plan, which highlighted the fact that we may need to look at a replacement of our rink going forward. Applied for capital renewal grant.
• Robert Thirsk High School opened up for Grades 10-12 with excellent reviews.
• Arbour Lake Middle School is almost to capacity, with enrollment numbers up from last year.
• Skate Park, Park and Play and the Lawnchair Theatre were well received again this year.
• Badminton and Drop-in Gym are also well received by the members.
• Held successful events - Fall Fair, Community Clean-Up, Parade of Garage Sales, Stampede Breakfast, and the Winter Gala.
• We only had one person take advantage of our Block Party grant in the past year. We are hoping to see many more people take advantage of it this year. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors better.
• Applied for an extension to use our Casino funds for the planned community building
• Continuation of our lot levy for management of our boulevards and flower beds, as well as set up and tear down for our Christmas Lights.
• West Citadel has now been signed under an Optional Amenities Agreement in the interim until we can sign a full Citadel lot levy agreement, which would include West Citadel and Morningside.
• We are utilizing our Citadel Community Facebook much more now to promote our events and to share stories about our residents.
• Updated our Citadel website to ensure more comprehensive and timely information is available to our residents. Links to City resources, contact information for our board members, copies of all of our minutes and the Citadel Link are now available online.
• Initiated and created strong contacts with Mayor Nenshi and Jason Luan, our MLA.
• The latter half of this year has been an intense rebuilding time for our board. Most of the successful initiatives have come to fruition in only the last few months.